Rivera Di Cristina & Co. - Tax Accounting Administration

Serving effectively those who serve...

Tax Accounting Administration


   The mission of this business is to cooperate and contribute to the economic development of Puerto Rico and the United States of America providing taxes, accounting, and administration services.  Se habla espaņol.

   The vision and goal is to serve with enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism, organizations and professionals whose operational structure requires, for their benefit, external accounting service.  Specific agreements are available for in-office service.  This includes small and medium size enterprises, societies, corporations, and professions.

   In addition, I would like to serve all third sector organizations that help or offer assistance to children, adults, elderly, athletes, sportsmen and women, helpless, disabled, sick, and animals.

   Property management is available for all organizations, including community centers, condominiums, housing estates, active and passive parks, sports and recreational facilities, churches, temples, congregations, and lodges.

   I wish to serve you professionally and be part of your development and business culture.

   The role of this business is always to serve effectively those who serve.

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   Jaime Rivera MBA